Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sorry Sunday!

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

We is so sorry we hasn't been around.  The mom bean has been neglecting us all week chasing green papers, and doing stuff outside the house too.

AND then yesterday she even cheated on us!!!
She did, she really, really did!

She went and played with some other kitty and a woofie too!  She says they is our fur cuzins so it's okay.  But I am not impressed.

She says I can introduce you to Puddy and Luna so I guess I'll forgive her...someday.

This is Puddy!  Her beans gave her some oat grass and instead of eating it, she likes to sleep in it.

Puddy is the mom of our sisfur Shady and brofur Silas.  (They both left for the bridge when they were furry young, we still miss them)

Puddy still has two of her babies living with her.  Puddy Junior (PJ for short is a long haired tortie.  Hollywood is a long haired black kitty.  They are a little shy and didn't want their pictures taken.

This is Luna.  Mom bean says she is a furry big black German shepherd woofie.  She has come to our house before and we think she is furry scary!

But Puddy, PJ, and Hollywood aren't afraid of her at all.  Even though she is way bigger than them.  We thinks they must be furry brave!!

I guess we'll forgive mom bean for giving some pats and scritches to Puddy and Luna.  As long as she promises to stay home today!

Have a great Sunday efurrybody!


  1. It was rude and inconsiderate of your mom to cheat like that, but Puddy and Luna look like they're wonderful Beings, so we guess you could let it slide...this once.

  2. Sami, eles são muito bonitos e já que eles são da família acho que vocês podem perdoar a mamãe, tenho certeza vocês vão ter toda a atenção que merecem neste domingo.
    Tenham uma ótima semana.

  3. Oh no! How could she cheat on you? Oh but they are adorable :-)
    I hope she stayed home and spent lots of time with you today!

  4. OH MY! She did, didn't she? But forgive her. Her heart is full of love for you babies.

  5. Tie her down. Only way to keep humans home for the day.

  6. Oh, your cheatin' Mom had better give you TONS of love today!

  7. Our mom cheats too! And she says they are cousins. We are skeptical, how many cousins can there be in the world? It still doesn't make it right!

  8. I'm sure you are brave, too, Sami; those other cats are just used to their big dog brother. If you had one, you'd be curling up next to him for a snooze. They're very good for that.