Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

I has another story for you about a furry lucky kitty, and I is furry thankful he will be okay.  I thinks he is too!

The story in the news says "the car was brought into Winnipeg SuperLube to be serviced, but when a technician lifted the hood of the car, out popped a motor-oil-soaked cat."

Oh my goodness, can you imagine?  He must have been furry cold to get into the car and then to stay there while the car was moving is furry scary!

He got took to the Humane Society where he got a bath.  I think he looks more scared in this picture!

The story says once he gets a clean bill of health he will be available for adoption.  Oh, you suppose he has to go to the v e t.  If he does I hopes he rides inside the car this time.

Purrs to Garfield we hopes he finds his furever home furry soon!
Hope you all had a great Thankful Thursday!
 (Winnipeg Lost Cat Alert)


  1. That's how my Josie was found: a little kitten who wouldn't leave the engine of a pick-up truck. She was at last pried away and ended up at the rescue-group with which I volunteer. I adopted her when she was five, and now she's ten. I can't even imagine her as a kitten!

  2. de best oh fishes two ewe dood ya findz a for evers home....XXX