Sunday, January 5, 2014

Getting my easy on

Hi efurrybody, Sami here.

The mom says it is cold outside so I've found my favorite place on the back of the couch to curl up for a long winter's nap....

Oh, oh what is that?  Do you see those kitty ears behind me?

Did the mom get another kitty?  She better not have 'cuz that brofur is enuf of a pest!

Phew, thank goodness it is just her garden kitties. I was a little worried!

Have an easy Sunday efurryone!


  1. They are cute! Keep Warm Sweetie...

  2. VERY close call!
    I know the feeling of a new kitty only TOO well.
    ; ) Katie

  3. Stay warm and dry in this crazy weather.

  4. OMC! What a horrorifying scarifying moment when you saw those little easicles pop up!