Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday

Hi everybody, it's the Mom here!

I know Saku was whining concerned yesterday that I've left them behind again.  The poor baby!  He's in good hands with my son C (the cat whisperer) and my daughter D (his original mom).  He may have to wait a little bit for a meal to appear but I'm sure he'll be as heavy healthy as he was when I left when I arrive home on Friday.

In the meantime I took a few pictures of the cat to bring with me, in order to share with you, his friends.  (I like to look at them too...I miss the silly critters when I'm away)

For your viewing pleasure...
I heard noises in my bedroom and came through the doorway in time to see Saku beating up on a drycleaner's bag (it had paper inside and made a satisfying noise).
He began scooching all the side of the bed as if to run away from me.  Silly cat!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Tuxie Tuesday!

Saku's second Mom


  1. Heh-heh, you can never trust those dry cleaner's bags! It had it coming!

    Cute pics. Have a happy Wednesday! xoxo

  2. LOL! Love the pics, especially the first where he's bunny-kicking the bag. :-P

  3. Saku, I love laundry bags too.They make noises that i like.

  4. saku....ewe did a grate job oh killin that bag !!! we like de noize grocery paper bags make...plus it ree minds us of food for sum reezon ...