Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tabby Tuesday

Hi efurrbody, Sami here!

Yesterday I wanted to go out to the sunny room but Mom said, "no way".

I didn't understand because it looked furry sunny out there.

Then mom opened the door.

She was right, it was furry cold out there!

I decided it was a better idea to go have a nap, MOL

Have warm and comfy Tabby Tuesday efurrbody!


  1. You too Sami...it is cold here too brrr... Miss Kitty Purrs...

  2. sami...it bee like minuz 40 heer two even tho de sun iz shinin....knot sure de sun iz all that smart .....ya noe... !!! happee twoozday ta all :) !!

  3. Sunny isn't always warm, Sami. It looks nice, though, so stay indoors and enjoy it.

  4. Going to be COLD tonight! But for the moment we're comfortable, if that is a word we can use when it's cold.

  5. Oh Honey, I keep asking, BEGGING mommy to let me look out the storm door and she said no..it was 30 degrees out there and windy!

  6. Is that snow I see? You best stay in and nap.