Saturday, May 25, 2024

Sharing the mom bean

 Hi efurrybody, Saku here. Sorry, I haven't been here for a long time. The mom bean has been away from me, but I'm okay 'cuz I'm living with my bean brofur. He's furry good to me, he keeps my water and kibble dishes full, feeds me the yummy wet food twice a day, and cleans my litter boxes. We have our routine too before he goes to work, with some scritches and he turns on the radio for me so I have company too while he's away. There's more scritches and pats and some toy time when he gets home. AND of course, dinner!

Mom bean got back from staying with my kitty cuzzins and the sticky bean just over a week ago. She was planning to stay with me until the end of June, but has to go back there for a few days later this week. She promises to come back again she gets some important stuff done. 

I've been enjoying lots of lap time. When she's doing stuff, I help. Here I am keeping an eye on her - she had just finished putting away her clean laundry. 

I also make sure she wakes up every morning.  Usually between 5 and 6 a.m. She's got lots to do here so she needs to be up early. Plus I want my breakfast. 

When she isn't here she is hanging out with Stanley and Spencer. This is Stanley...he likes her bed.

She says he doesn't sleep with her either. His place is with the sticky bean.

This is cuzzin Spencer. She has slept on the mom bean's bed once, and hides under it sometimes.

I kind of miss the old girl when she is away, but I know she's in good paws with Stanley and Spencer. Except she says they don't wake her up in the morning! I don't have to worry though, the bean sisfur wakes her up most mornings. 

Time for my afternoon nap. Happy Caturday efurryone!

For those who aren't aware, I am splitting my time between the home of my son, and that of my daughter and grandson. I do miss Saku when I'm with Stanley and Spencer. They are great cats, but not lap cats as he is. However, due to his temperament I cannot take him with me - he and Stanley would not tolerate one another and I'm not sure how Spencer would react to a strange cat. He and my son enjoy each other's company. C spoils him, perhaps not as much as I do, but I know that Saku is healthy and well taken care of when I am not in the city.  


  1. Saku, enjoy the time with your mom! If she feels guilty for not being with you all the time, that can mean extra treats and attention when she IS there. 😁

  2. That must be tough for you both, Saku and Mom Bean. But it does sound like the bean brother loves you a lot and is taking good care of you when mom goes to see Spencer and Stanley's family. XO

  3. It's good to hear from you again Saku. Watch yourself on that step. Humans don't always take into account the fact that they have to walk on cats' beds all the time...

  4. dood itz grate ta see ewe again !! N hay, sinz yur mom iz a bout a
    month long partee ~~~~ :) all sew, sendin whitefizh wavez two ewe stanley N
    spencer, cuzin ta saku !! :) everee one haza grate week ♥