Monday, June 19, 2017

Some of our favorite boxes - for International Box Day!

Who knew?  We sure didn't but the Trout Talkin' tabbies did.  Mom bean was reading their post and told us about it.  

So then, of course, we told the mom bean we wanted to pawticipate.  It took some convincing since she's been incredibly lazy lately!  

But I (Saku) sat on her on Caturday and helped her go through some pictures on her 'puter.  Just look what we found!!!

This is from July 2010 when we moved into our house.  Sami was helping to hold down the boxes until the mom bean got them unpacked.

Here is Sasha in a box from March 2013.  Sasha doesn't often sit in boxes so this is a rare thing.

Obviously the mom bean was excited about getting the picture 'cuz she cut Sasha's ears off.

Here I am in the same box in July 2013.  I really, really liked that box!

Mom bean had it in front of the window on a little table.  This was before the cat tree so it was a purrfect place to watch cat television.

Sheesh mom bean, did you really have to share this one?  It's not a box...well, tecknically it is a litter box.  Kitties, please disregard the mom bean's attempt a humor.  Since I have no thumbs I am unable to remove it.

Sami loves boxes too. In fact she had two boxes  to hang out in, back in February 2015.

The bottom box was a great box, cuz it held lots of toys.  But mom bean says it was too big to keep in the noisy box room. appawciation.

Mom bean says this is what happens when a kitty gets too big for his box. 

Can you believe she threw this box away?  It was just purrfect in July 2015.

Christmas 2016 was a great time for boxes under the tree.  The sticky bean wasn't even born yet but he had lots of presents under the tree.

I kept them safe (and furred up) for him.

Finally, here we are in February 2017.  The sisfur brought home this cool box.  I was the only one to really check it out, but it sure made Sami and Sasha take notice too.  

I am sad to say that all of the boxes here have gone to...wherever it is that boxes go when the mom bean takes them away.  But not to worry, there are still boxes for us to enjoy in our home.  At least for Sami and me.

Have a great week efurrbody!  Hope you get a chance to hang out in one of your favorite boxes.

Pee Ess:  Thanks to the Tabbies for letting us know about this impawtent event.


  1. Those are great boxes, guys! Well, maybe not the litter box one. That one was rude of your mom! :-D

    Have a great week!

  2. We had a blueberry box that was much loved, but it sadly got worn out. When I tried to find a similar one at the grocery store, the style had changed and the new one was not as loved. Boo!

  3. Vocês tiveram grandes momentos com aquelas caixas!
    Feliz dia da caixa!

  4. guyz....pleez due knot thanx uz; all de credit goez two: dawg dood dougie N zoey over at zoolatry; we just posted ther badge !!!! N we gotta say everee one oh theeze fotoz total lee rockz.....we iz havin a hard time pickin a fave !!! hope everee ones doin soooper grate N heerz two a sooooper grate week a head ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  5. Wow, those are some fun boxes you have! Happy Box Day!!

  6. I enjoyed seeing all the boxes you've loved before. The last photo (my favourite) proves that there are still boxes to enjoy.

  7. Hey, you all really do love your boxes, don't you? Well ... maybe not the litter box, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Right? :)

  8. Great box photos, kitties! Though, the litter box photo is uncalled for, right? LOL. I love the photo of you under Christmas tree with many boxes, Saku :-)

  9. Oh I like boxes so much and I'd love to be there to hep you fill those! But they have gone to Box-No_More land. Sigh. I can transport some over?