Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wordless Wednesday


  1. sasha...N joy sum oh that grazz for uz pleez !!!!!☺☺♥♥

  2. Sasha, you look like a fierce tiger in this picture1

  3. Great picture! Looks like you are enjoying the tasty grass :-)

  4. WOW! Look at YOU! My mom won't let me out, and I sometimes wish she would. xx

  5. pee ezz....

    guyz. we iz makin R way cross blogger N werdprezz;
    seekin ree crootz ta help uz fite a war against
    bass terd turkeez.

    we noe ewe don't haza lotta free time but thatz
    whatz awesum bout thiz reequest; ya dont knead ta
    due a thing.

    wood ewe like ta join R familee in thiz fite? if
    mom sayz itz oh kay, all ya hafta due iz send uz
    yur mobster namez, a fake one oh course ☺☺ N we will post
    it next thurzday.

    we iz inta round two oh ree crootin "familee memberz".

    we iz off line for a few sew heerz two an X ray fish
    kinda week oh end ~ ♥♥