Sunday, April 9, 2017

Not feeling it

Hi efurrybody!  We're all here today with some bad photos the mom bean took of us....and silly bean she kept them on her 'puter so we're sharing, MOL.

She tries furry hard to get us to look at the flashy box when she's taking our pictures.  We don't always cooperate.

Saku hides his face
Sometimes she calls to us, and sometimes she tries to get our attention by touching us.  
Sami turns away
But sometimes she flubs all by herself.
Camera shake and improper lighting...way to go Mom bean
And even when she gets those things right, she gets the stinkeye.
Sasha gives her the stinkeye
Lately we've been getting a break from the flashy box...the little furless sticky bean seems to be taking the brunt of her ineptitude.  Works for us. :p

Have a great week efurrybody!


  1. Uh Sasha, este olhar me faria retroceder.
    Tenham uma ótima semana!

  2. Maybe we should get a little bean here so we can find some relief from the flashy box.

  3. Well, even though you're not exactly feeling it, you're all still adorbs. :)

  4. Saku looked like he was giving all of his feet, instead of his face.

  5. guyz...a grate week a head two ewe all az well, frank lee we think yur fotoz rock...sasha... ya just look like may bee yur under moon lite ...may bee ?? !! ☺☺♥♥

  6. Oh those sticky ones get ALL the attention when they're around.Something is always up with their furs or something. Maybe they didn't get enough treats. I'd offer my wand if it would help but when I did, it didn't. Sigh.

  7. LOL I get those treatments from my boys when I try to take their photos. Enjoy flashy box break while it lasts :-) :-)

  8. Good meowning! ALL of you have the bestest weekend ever!