Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Hi efurrybody, 

We've had some furry bad weather here in Saskatchewan this week.  There has been lots of snow and winds gusting up to 90 km/hr (55 mi/hr) and very cold temperatures.  We're furry thankful to be inside kitties, even if we can't use our sunny room.
But this little kitty wasn't as lucky as us.  

He was on a highway and narrowly missed being run over by a police car.  

Mom bean read us the article and it said:

"The snow-covered object was identified as a small, fluffy orange kitten.
The officers believe the furry feline had been taking shelter under or inside a vehicle before finding its way out on to the road and exposed to the elements."
"He wasn't moving very much, but was meowing non-stop," a post on the RCMP's website read.
Const. O took the kitten to the vet where it was treated. Const. C checked in on the cuddly creature later on to find it alive, well and meowing once more."
We're so thankful the little kitten was found.  We have a question though, since he was found by the police, do you suppose he might be named Copper?  
Pee Ess:  We haven't been able to visit much lately, but mom bean promises we'll be around soon as she is going to take a couple of days off soon.


  1. Poor little darling. Thank goodness he was rescued. Purrs to him for a speedy recovery from the ordeal -- and for a wonderful forever home in due course.

  2. It sounds like bad weather for animals, especially those who should be indoors. I think Copper is an excellent name for the little fellow, and we hope he is doing very well, and thrives.

    Don't worry about not posting much; we know your mum and you are very busy with your new baby. With a little one like that in the house, time can get away from you.

  3. Oh what a fluffy sweetheart. So glad he got rescued! I think Copper is a great name :-) I hope he'll find a forever home!

  4. Purrs for the police who stopped to check it out. and Purrs for "Copper" I love the name

  5. Ele é muito fofo, fico contente que ele está bem.
    Espero que ele também ganhe uma boa família.

  6. Aww, so glad the frozen kitty was saved. Copper would be a great name for it. :)

  7. We're so glad that baby was saved! Yes, Copper would be a purrfect name. MOL!