Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sneaky Sunday

Mom bean says I is a furry hard cat to take pictures of because efurry time I see the flashy box mom bean I stop what I is doing and come towards her.

So she has to be sneaky. Like coming around the island in the kitchen to catch me having my breakfast.

 Or sneaking up from the basement to catch me loafing on the new ottoman. 

She's right, 'cuz I got right off it to come see her.  

She says the only time she doesn't have to sneak up on me is when I'm napping with my big brofur, Sasha.  Yep, I don't even look at her then.  I lub my big brofur!

Is any of you like me, a little camera shy and wanting the bean's attenshun?  Does your bean have to sneak up on you too?

Time for my easy Sunday nap...have a great day efurrybody!


  1. I sometimes sneak up to my boys, mainly because they stop whatever cute thing they were doing as soon as they see the camera! You are so sweet to come see your mom right away :-)

  2. We like to look away just as the mom takes the picture. It really frustrates her. Heheheh.

  3. That is me totally!!! Mommy has the hardest time cos I'm always winding around her legs.

    XX TJ

  4. My trouble is cats who look away at the wrong moment, or who give me the blurry action shot. That's especially the case with my new foster-cat, who isn't even a year old yet, so he's full of energy.