Sunday, March 22, 2015

Easy Sunday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

It's been a long time, that pest brofur Saku has been hogging the blog.  AND then the mom bean was too lazy busy to help me tippy tap on Caturday.

She says she had too many things to do, like laundry....oooh, I lub clean laundry, and shovelling snow*...yuck, I hates snow.

But don't believe her 'cuz she spent most of the day watching the hurry hard beans on the noisy box.  I don't really mind 'cu that means I get to have a snuggle.

Today, we is all taking it easy.  Isn't that what Sunday is for?

*By the time I shovelled late in the afternoon there was about 3 inches on the ground.  Nothing like what they've gotten in the Maritimes but way more than I wanted to see. - Mom bean


  1. Sério? É preciso remover toda essa neve?
    Sempre achei a neve bonita, não sabia que dava tanto trabalho.
    Sami aproveite sua boa vida de gato hehehe

  2. Well, you momma has to have something to do that is fun for her too...after shoveling snow again and again. xoxoxo Bring her some toys at night.

  3. Yuck. We're tired of snow! We hope your Sunday was easy after your mom shoveled that stuff.

  4. It's officially spring but sounds like it's still cold there!
    Glad you got some snuggling :-) Have a happy new week!