Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's another Easy Sunday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here.

We's having a furry easy Sunday here in the sunny room.

The mom bean replaced the striped towels that covered the chairs with these new cheap beautiful green ones.  Do you think they matches my eyes?

Me and Sami are both helping to fur them up.

Sasha likes the sun puddle better.

However you get your easy on, we hope you has a wonderful Sunday!


  1. I liked the stripe towels, but your new ones look very nice, too!
    And they'll be purrfect once they get furred up :-) Enjoy your easy Sunday!

  2. Sure looks like all of you are having a super Easy Sunday and those cheap towels work just as well as any other towels and probably better.You all are looking good in your sun puddles . Have a great afternoon.

  3. Oh sim Saku, o verde das toalhas combinam perfeitamente com seus lindos olhos, eu acho que sua mamãe estava pensando em você quando escolheu essas toalhas!
    Aproveitem o domingo!

  4. We're glad your Mom thought enough to get eye-coordinating towels. SOME mommies (koff koff) are not as discerning!

  5. Have a super Easy! I like the green ones too. They look oh so purrfect!