Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Takeover Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, Hollywood here.  I asked my aunt bean if I could say thank you to efurrybody for your kind comments and she said yes!

I is the cuzin of Sasha, Sami, and Saku, daughfur to Puddy, and sisfur of PJ (Puddy Junior).  I lives with my momfur and sisfur on a farm.  Most of the time I is a porch kitty, sometimes I is an outdoor kitty, and once in a while I gets to be a house kitty.

A couple of weeks ago I had to go to the ebil v e t for surgery on my eye.  I'll let the aunt bean explain.

Hollywood had a sore eye and the vet had given them antibiotics to treat it, but it wasn't improving.  Then the vet realized her eyelids were curling in, the hair was rubbing against the eye causing an abscess.  The vet operated to fix the eyelid and then scraped (ewww) the abscess.  As of last evening, Hollywood has the all clear, the eye is completely healed and the stitches were removed. Back to Hollywood.

You can't tell from my picture but I is a black kitty, with grey furs underneath.  The aunt bean can't figure out why the v e t had to shave so much fur but it took off some of my mats so I was happy.  I didn't like the cone of shame though.

This is my sisfur PJ.  She and I are both long haired kitties.  She looks like our momfur, Puddy 'cuz she's a tortie but our momfur is short hair.

We lubs our aunt bean 'cuz she gives us brushies to help get rid of our mats. (Even if it looks like PJ is sticking her tongue out at her, MOL)

This is where we live most of the time. It is a bright, sunny room (when the sun is shining), and our pawrents have given us baskets and beds to sleep on.

We also have two litter boxes, plus we can usually get outside as the beans leave the door unlatched for us except in the winter.  When we can we sneaks into the house.  It's fun to listen to the beans run around looking for us.

Well, I just want to say again, thank you to efurrybody for your purrs and kind thoughts.  I is feeling much better, and now I can come and go as I please again.  The only thing I'll miss is being able to be in the house.  Maybe I can ask aunt bean to come again soon.. she's a real sucker softie.  I even gots to sleep on the bed with her when she stayed with me.

Have a great Tuesday efurrybody!


  1. Hi Hollywood! We're glad you're doing so well now, your fur will grow back quickly, we bet. You and your sister are both gorgeous ladycats and you certainly have a lovely-looking house. We think you ought to be able to stay in the house if you want to, though!

  2. I'm pleased that you're feeling better now, Hollywood. An inside out eyelid must have been very uncomfortable, even painful. You see, vets do some good, sometimes.

  3. Hollywood, I am very happy you are doing better and no more sore eye! Your sisfur PJ is very cute. You are both gorgeous with your long fur coat!
    I'm sure your aunt bean will come visit to see you again :-)

  4. hollywood...way awesum ewe iz doin better...MOR blessings frum St Francis two ewe just coz he can send em... N he haz plentee ta spare for extree healths N good wishes ....meowloz two ewe PJ....veree happee ta lurn bout ewe both....N feel free ta stop bye TT anytime...we all wayz haz fish on de grill ♥ just dont ask for burd ☺

  5. Hi Hollywood. I'm so glad you had a successful eye surgery. I too hates wearing the cone of shame. I have a sensitive paw that gets me in trouble most of the time. Glad to meet you, Hollywood.

  6. Hollywood vocês são muito bonitos, fiquei contente em saber que tudo correu bem e agora você não vai mais sentir dor em seu olho.