Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Guess what?  This series are old pictures of us, 'cuz the mom bean went away again.  She says she's chasing green papers and she'll be back Friday.  Sigh...I`m giving her the stare of you think she can tell how I feel?


  1. You guys still look good, old pictures or new.

  2. guys...old pick sures ore knot, they iz still grate.... N yes saku that iz de best look oh dis dain we haz seen ina loooong time !!! grate werk !!!

  3. Saku, você roubou o brinquedo da Shasa? hehehe
    Sua mamãe volta logo, não fiquem tristes.

  4. Cute pictures. You got a fun looking toy there.
    I hope mom bean will get to spend more time with you!