Monday, May 26, 2014

Mancat Monday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

Sometimes mom bean says I is a pest.  Well, so is she!

If you remember, my sisfur Sami did a photo shoot with mom last week.  So mom thought she would try to do one with me.  Can you guess how it went?

MOL, not well at all based on the first two shots!

This one isn't great either 'cuz I refuse to look at her.  What's up with my ear?
Okay mom bean, you got your one good shot, now get the flashy box out of my face!

Have a great Mancat Monday efurrybody!


  1. Hey, we think your mom gets good indoor shots...which is far more than our own human does.

    It was worth your aggravation, to see your handsome face. :-)

  2. MOL!! LOL!! Mum says you are so funny and loved it when you said mum bean is a pest!!! We are up for one shot too...I'm taking a lesson from you!!!


  3. Hahaha, most photos I take come out like your first two shots!
    You look stunning in the last photo!

  4. Sometimes I think the humans have flashy boxes GLUED to their hands!
    : )