Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

Today I is bringing you the story of a furry lucky and thankful kitty!  Mom founded it in the news stories on CBC tv.....hmmm I wonder if that is catbycat television?  I'm going to have to ask her.

Anyways, meet Whiskers!
Saskatchewan Mounties were the cat's meow Thursday following a car crash north of Regina.
The early morning rollover on Highway 6 left a man and a woman with minor injuries.
The crash apparently spooked their short-haired cat, Whiskers, which fled the scene in -30 C weather.
An RCMP officer found the pet nearby, walking along the highway.
The officer scooped Whiskers up, placed the cat in his warm patrol car and returned it to its owners.
An RCMP spokesman said it appears the cat was uninjured and is "feline fine."

Hope you all had a thankful Thursday where you was warm and safe!


  1. I’m glad Whiskers was unharmed and safe. Wonder why he was in the car in such cold weather.

  2. That's a positive post for Thankful Thursday.

  3. It's good that all injuries were minor, and that Whiskers was unhurt. He was lucky a sharp-eyed Mountie saw him. Good news to start the weekend.

  4. whoa.....glad de kitteh and de peepulz wuz aye oh kay....thatz noe kinda temperachures ta be outside in...N hope everee one haza salmon N shrimpz kinda week oh end !!

  5. I'm sure it stands for cat by cat. LOL.
    So glad the kitty was ok, and the humans' injury was just minor!

  6. That is one great story! It is wonderful the kitty got saved cause it would not have been good to be out in that freezing cold for long!