Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

Look what we gots!  We gots it from our furriends Niko and Goro.  If you hasn't met them yet, you should go over and meet them.  They is pawsome (and not just 'cuz they gived us this award) and they have a furtastic  catio where they can watch cat television!!!

We is passing along this award to our furriends Prancer Pie, Princeton and Precious.  Even though they is three kitties like us, Precious and Saku are both tuxies but they is girl and boy tuxies.  And though the rest of us are tabbies, I is a girl tabby, while Sasha, Prancer Pie, and Princeton are boy tabbies.

(Don't tell Sasha, but I has a big kitty crush on Prancer Pie!  He looks a lot like my big brofur Sasha and I lubs Sasha too!)

We is thankful for all of our furriends. They makes life interesting and fun and open up a whole world to us kitties.  AND that's just pawsome!

Have a thankful Thursday efurrybody!


  1. conga ratz on yur awardz N cash prizes guys !!!..N prancer pie iz one handsum dood sami....we wont say nothin bout yur love interest ;) ~~~ !!!

  2. Friends do make life interesting, don't they? I'm hoping my cats will become better friends - I'm an optimist that way.

  3. Shhhhh, let me tell you a seekrit: Even though I am a ManCat, I have kind of a crush on Prancer Pie too. It's like a Bromance.

  4. Your mum just put a response on my blog about my foster-cat smelling onions. I think onions are somewhat dangerous for cats but it seems like it's only in large amounts. However, I found this site:

    I used to feed my Tucker tiny bits of grapes because he, silly animal, loved them so. But I guess they are bad, too, but, I suspect, only in larger doses than I was giving him.