Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

Can you believe this?  The mom got over being lazy and helped us tippy tap everyday since last Furiday!*
That's like elbenty days or something like that, MOL.  Cats can't tell time you knows!

Here's what I is thankful on's my bean sisfur's hair elastic.  It makes a great cat toy!

The only problem is sometimes I lose them under the couch.  The good thing my bean sisfur has more, MOL!

Have a great Thankful Thursday, efurrybody!

*Of course having me as a inspiration helps too!


  1. All the money we spend on toys and you play with a hair elastic. Sigh. That's all right; my cats' favourite right now is a shoe-lace...

  2. Que bom que sua sisfur empresta a borracha de cabelo, porque esse jogo é muito divertido!

  3. Wow that hair elastic get quite long! How nice your sisfur shares her hair elastics with you :-)

  4. Well, I did that too but then I happened to eat most of the elastic... That didn't end up very well you know... So be careful with that, play with it but do not eat it!

  5. saku...carlos bee rite...just dont eat it...that thing will gives yur stomach fitz ta noe kinda end...even eatin BURD wood be better :) enjoy yur thurzday everee one !!

  6. Oh catness! Be careful, saku. That band might snap on your face. Love your Ess bed.