Saturday, November 16, 2013

Left behind Saturday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!
I tried, I really tried to keep the mom bean from abandoning us. I held down that blue thing as much as I could but she moved me.  Silly bean!

She says she'll be back in eight days...but that's like elbenty nine cat years, right kitties?

She says the bean brofur and bean sisfur will take good care of us.  But we already knows that means we sometimes won't get our breakfast and dinner when we want it. Those two have no sense of time!

We'll miss you all furry much.  Mom has promised she'll read us efurrybody's blogs when she gets home.  She better...or we'll have make her pay, MOL!

See you all on the 26th....bye for now!



  1. We hope the beans remember what day it is so they don't forget to feed you, even if they are late. Your mom better spoil you rotten when she gets home. Serve you breakfast in bed and dinner on the couch or wherever you want. :)

  2. I hope the time flies by for you cats. I know it's tough when someone you love - and who feeds you - takes off for a while. But you'll no doubt get treats as soon as she walks back in the door.

  3. Saku, não fique triste ela vai estar de volta rapidinho!

  4. Eight days is such a long time but I do hope time passes fast for you! And I wish your mom a safe trip!