Sunday, September 15, 2013

Not again!

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

I wents into mom's sleeping room today and looks what I found.

This is evi-dents she's abandoning us again!*  We've tried leaving her special prezzies to show we donts like her leaving us all alone, but she does it anyway.  Sometimes she isn't furry smart.

So if you donts hear about or from us for a few days it is 'cuz the mom is being dera-licked in her duties.

*They are not being abandoned as my son and daughter will be here to meet their every demand. And it's only three days for a business trip so I'm sure they will all be fine.  But I'll be looking for those special prezzies when I get home!


  1. Oh sweethearts, hop in your tunnels and come on over!

  2. I'm sure your mum will be thinking of you every minute.

    And thank you for commenting on Cammie and fostering. It is difficult to let them go sometimes, and in fact I couldn't let two go (Renn and Tucker). As for Cammie, it's thought that she would actually do better with fewer cats, or just some humans. She would get along with other cats eventually, but her socialisation among humans would move more quickly. We are trying to find her a more suitable foster-home. But for now, she will stay with me.

  3. Oh, no, sorry your mom will be gone for a few days! But sounds like you are in good hands :-) I wish her a safe trip!

  4. yur mom better come home with a soot case fulla treetz N toys thatz rite her better !!! three dayz ta a kitteh iz like 300 yeerz ta a kittteh...ore sum thin like that :) a safe trip ta yur mom ~~~~

  5. Amigos, três dias passam muito rápido e quando ela voltar vocês vão ter muitos cafunés.
    boa viagem.

  6. Tell your mom to have a safe trip. She'll be back in no time. Hope she gets you lotsa treats.

  7. Isn't it just amazing how smart they are and what they notice when we least expect it! *L*