Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thankful Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, it's Sasha, Sami, & Saku here today!*

We knows it's usually Thankful Thursday but we is soooooo thankful we is moving it ahead a couple of days, MOL

Do you know why's we is thankful?  We knows some of you do!

It's 'cuz Jan's Funny Farm featured us in today's Meet and Greet!!!! Isn't that pawsome?  We think so, MOL

You can finds the article here if you haven't read it already.  Mom help-ed us tippy tap it.

Oh, and do you knows what else we're thankful for?  Our blog now has more followers than mom's.  Proving once again, that cats are more popular than....cat ladies, MOL

Thanks efurrybody for coming to visit us!!! Mom says we can go visit efurrybody soon but we has to wait 'cuz she has work to do.  No wonder we're more popular!

*Pee Ess: Mom is being lazy and using a picture we had on our blog a few days.  She says it is because it's hard to find a picture with all three of us behaving in it.  We says she is just lazy!


  1. We luffed your interview! My Human doesn't even bother having a blog for herself--as if! anyone would be interested in reading about her.

  2. Concats on the interview! We'll check it out asap!

    Of course a cat blog will have more followers than a human blog (for the most part). We're far more entertaining, intelligent and discerning!

    BTW, you probably have more followers than you think, as a lot of us don't "follow" via Blogger but add URLs to Feedly or another reader.

  3. We were happy to feature you. Thanks for participating.

    Jan has the same excuses for not getting things done. Humans!