Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another easy Sunday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here.

It is furry easy Sunday at our house and it was an easy Caturday for us too, MOL!  The mom used the sucking mashine, the wet and dry mashines, and the hot box most of the day.  Then she watched the tele-box and yelled so we just stayed out of her way.  Good idea, right?

This morning I had a good long snuggle with mom on the bed while she read and drank coffee.  We both love Sunday mornings!

Saku was with us, but he doesn't like to snuggle much.  Unless he wants to, of course, MOL!

Later, mom got up and tidied the bedroom, she even used the sucking mashine again.  I don't like it so I left.
Saku and Sami don't care so they watched from the bed. 

And that my furriends is how we plan to spend the rest of the day.  Hanging and out taking it easy.

Have a wonderful, easy Sunday!


  1. Sasha, one of my boys doesn't like the sucking machine, either. But the other boy doesn't care :-) Sounds like you've been having nice snuggling and relaxing weekend. I hope you have wonderful new week!

  2. It sounds like a little too much work for your mum on a Sunday, but otherwise, it was probably a good one.

  3. Nós também não gostamos daquela máquina de sucção traiçoeira, mas adoramos nos aconchegar na cama, vocês tiveram um bom começo de semana.

  4. My Human should be using the sucky machine but she's too lazy! Do you know, one of the kitties who came before me was soooooo laid back he used to let her vacuum him??? He loved it. How crazy is THAT???