Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Hi effurybody, Saku here!

We is furry happy for lots of things.  For noms and stinky goodness, for toys, boxes, the sunny room, mom and our bean brofur and bean sisfur.

But today most of all, we is furry thankful that this doesn't doesn't live at our house.
Our bean sisfur came home the other day and she had this woofie with her.  It turns out she didn't really bring it home, it was in our yard. AND we didn't even know it!

Mom did some talking on that yakky box of hers and pretty soon some beans came and took the woofie away.  OMC were we lucky or what?

It really wasn't a bad woofie, it didn't bark at us or anything when we looked through the window.  But mom wasn't sure how I would act ...ha...I'd tear it from limb to limb...maybe...

Anyway, it was a furry exciting time.  Just thinking about it reminds's time for a nap!
Have a great thankful Thursday efurrybody!

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