Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Not a wordless Wednesday

The mom here today since Saku is fast asleep.  You'll have seen him with his blanket in other posts and I thought I'd share the story that goes with it.

Saku came to live with my daughter when he was very young, likely less than 6 weeks.  Within a month or so, he made the 4 hour move to live with me.  Around the same time, a family friend was expecting a baby and I had made up this blanket for her.

As you can see I never gave the blanket away as Saku latched onto it (literally and figuratively).  I suspect he was weaned too early, as he used to suck on cloth whenever he got the chance.  One of his favorite spots was to sit on my chest and suck on my t-shirt.  The blanket became his security blanket and he often carries it about, stopping to knead and hold a part of it in his mouth.  I don't know that he is still sucking on it or not.

We can always tell when Saku has his blanket as he calls out as he carries it about.  When we take it away to wash it he will look for it.  And when it comes out of the dryer he is the happiest cat in the world!

He's a special kitty, the paste eating kind of special at times (and I mean that literally too), but we love him!


  1. We think that's sweet, it's his "Linus" blanket. :-)

    "Special," huh? Do you ever watch The Murdoch Mysteries? I was watching a rerun last weekend or maybe last week, and Constable Crabtree said to the chief that these kinds of people aren't referred to as "idiots" anymore. He said he believed the proper term was "moron." (For those reading this comment, it's a fictional detective series set in 1900 in Toronto.)

    OMG, that cracked me up! Political correctness in 1900. :-)

  2. Cute Cute and how sweet... We'd love to see Saku carrying his blankie!!

  3. What a sweet story about his blankie. We've all got a "special" kind of kitteh in the family. Ours is Princeton. MOL!

  4. Sounds like Saku is very attached to the blanket. What a sweet story. One of my boys sometimes sucks on soft blanket while kneading it.
    Saku is so special and sweet kitty :-)