Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lazy mom

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!  

We is so sorry we hasn't been around to say hi and stuff, but mom has been really lazy this week.  We's hardly even seen her, cuz she goes away and when she comes home sometimes she went away again.  And when she was home she was in bed.  That was great 'cuz we gots lots of snuggles, MOL!

Today was a good day 'cuz she came home and letted us out in the sunny room!

The sun was nice and bright and mom didn't need to use the flashy so I letted her take a picture of my full face.  I's pretty good at turning away from her, MOL.

Sasha founded a toy, and he was having lots of fun! 

My bean brofur even letted him outside for a few minutes but Sasha says it is still cold out there and there is all this white stuff in the way to the grass.

And Saku hidded under the chair.  We was laughing at mom 'cuz she was walking around with the flashy box calling him and he wouldn't come out.

But mom has a secret weapon 'cuz Saku lubs our bean brofur so Saku came out when he called, MOL.

Time to go visit our furreinds and see how efurrybody is doing!  See you soon.


  1. My boys are good at turning away when I have flashy box, too :-)