Saturday, February 9, 2013

Look it - it's Caturday

Saku here, look it what mom let us do today!

She letted us go out in the sunroom where it's sunny!

I lubs the sun on my face.

The floor is still cold so Sasha founds a nice spot to curl up on the rug.

Sasha wanted to go outside but Mom said no!

Sami's a suck - she stayed inside....silly girl cat!

Happy Caturday efurbody!!!


  1. I don't blame Sami, stay where it's warm! MOL But those sun puddles look awesome!

  2. Oh, your human is wise to keep you inside. That's FAR too much snow for kitties! (We know this...We just got dumped on again yesterday. Our human shoveled the middle of our little back space, but we still didn't stay out for more than a couple of minutes.)