Sunday, November 18, 2018

I wants what I wants

Hi efurrybody, it's Sasha here today. 

Don't mind me as I'm a tired old kitty.  Mom bean says I do a lot of sleeping these days.

She also says I'm getting pretty picky about what I will and won't eat.  Sometimes I eat the Fancy Feast and sometimes I don't.  Though I'll still eat the kibble, as least three pieces at a time. 

The other day we ran out of FF (shame on you mom bean) and she gave us some salmon from a can.  I drank up the juice and left the salmon.  

So the mom bean went shopping and brought home three different kinds of FF and some Whiskas.  Saku appawently has less discerning taste as he ate that Whiskas stuff, no problem.  Me, I sniffed it and walked away. 

Mom bean said fine, and switched me back to the FF.  I ate okay yesterday morning, then turned my nose on it in the evening.  She went and got it later when I came to bed and I ate it all then.  I think I like all the attenshun.  MOL!

I'm not losing weight though, just doing lots of sleeping and when I'm awake I nearly drive the mom bean crazy with my talking.  I keep reminding her I'm 18 years and 7 months old.  At my age, I know what I want and I want what I know.  So pay attenshun mom!

Have a great week efurrybody!


  1. You remind my mommy of Admiral as she got old. Mom turned herself inside out to make things better for her.

  2. Sasha, we should have the food you want when you want it.

  3. Sasha, you just keep eating, okay? And good for your mommy to feed you whatever you want.

  4. Aww Sasha, your mom is so loving and attentive to you. I hope you keep eating well...whenever you want to eat. And you deserve all the attenshun for sure :-)

  5. Sasha, we hope you keep eating! We're sending you lots of purrs, and your mom too, because caring for a senior companion can be challenging. ♥

  6. It's important for you to keep eating a good amount of food, Sasha. It's very difficult on us human when our cats start to age. We want them to stay well for as long as possible, so plenty of food and plenty of water, too!

  7. Sasha, we hope you keep eating all that delicious food that your money gets you. Anything you want you and you shall receive. Hope you feel better. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  8. Oh, Sasha, sleep is important but so is nutrition. We hope you will begin to eat better.