Saturday, August 25, 2018

Quiet time

Hi efurrybody, Sheldon here.

As you can see I'm having a nice quiet nap. It's been a furry busy, and noisy morning here in our house.

First, it took a little lot of time to wake up the mom bean to feed us.  We all worked together to convince her it would be worth her while to get out of bed to feed us.  Sasha does it best 'cuz he can holler!

Then, we had some run around time with the sticky bean.  I got up on top of the cupboards which he found furry funny.  Hey, it's one of the few places the little tyke can't climb to...he's got so good at it's scary.  Even my cat tree isn't safe anymore.  

Next, some other beans showed up and took away the table and chairs from the food room.  Somebody left the door to the garage open so me and Saku went exploring.  We sure left in a hurry when the mom bean came out and hollered at us....she's as loud as Sasha!

Finally, the other beans left, the sticky bean went for his nap, so it's our turn now.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Have a great day efurrybody!


  1. After all that, Sheldon, you deserve a nice long nap.

  2. Good heavens, your day was exhausting! We hope Sunday is much quieter and more peaceful!

  3. You did have a very busy time! I hope your cat tree will remain safe!
    Enjoy your nice long nap :-)

  4. Hi sweet Sheldon. I KNOW what it's like with a Sticky Bean! I sure do! Tell mommy I had to dump my yahoo account which I was using to follow her blog. Ask her to message me her own bloggie address again please and I will re-subscribe. Thanks Sheldon. Smoochies!

  5. Phew! We agree, Sheldon. It's time for a well-deserved nap!

  6. You have to stay out of dangerous places like the garage, Sheldon. But in any case, it sounds like it was a tiring but fun weekend.

  7. time yur in de garage...take de car.....ya can make a kleen get a way in sooooper quik time !! :) ♥♥

  8. They stole your table and chairs from the food room? How are you kitties supposed to eat without a table and chairs? Ask them that! :)