Sunday, January 21, 2018

Whose bed is this?

Hi efurrybody, it's Sheldon here today.

I'm in one of the kitty beds in the mom bean's sleeping room.  The one behind me is a little bed that I used to be able to sleep in.  No more! Cuz I'm a big boy. 

This isn't the same bed, and mom bean says it is a bit bigger.  That's Sasha with sisfur Silver sharing it.  Nobody is going to share this bed with me!
Well, maybe I'll make an exception for Sasha.  He's the best cuddle buddy efur. 

We has the best furriends efur too.  Check out our new banner that Jan (the mom bean of the woofies and kitties at JansFunnyFarm) made for us.  We really want to say thank you as we know she wasn't feeling well, and yet she took time to help us.  Thank you Jan!  

Now, I'm off to have the mom bean catch up on all your blogs.  Gosh we're so far behind I'm not sure that's possible.  

Have a great Sunday efurrybody!


  1. Sheldon, that's a great banner! And you have awesome kitty beds...and snuggle buddies (okay, buddy) too. :-) Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. I love the banner and I LOVE seeing you in that bed with your buddy! What sweet boys and that smile!!!

  3. Sheldon, we’re glad you have such a comfy bed...and a snuggle buddy!

  4. That’s such a nice bed, Sheldon! You sure look comfy in there :-) I love the photo of you and Sasha snuggling together. Such sweeties! And I love your new banner!

  5. We know the feeling of being behind. We aren't ever going to catch up!

    It's nice to have a buddy to share a bed with, especially in the cold of winter. Enjoy.

    Hope you like the banner.

  6. Sheldon, we like your bed very much. It looks super duper comfortable!

    Your new banner is terrific. Miss Jan is the bestest, isn't she?

  7. Good Heavens, I wish my cats acted like you and Sasha. Mine never get that close.

    The new banner is perfect.

  8. dood !!!! look how big ewe haz gotten !!! ewe IZZA big boy....N still ewe will bee big azza TIGERZ !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  9. Sheldon, you have the longest LEGGIES!