Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Hi efurrybody, it's Sheldon here.

I'm furry thankful to say that I get to stay out with the other kitties all the time now.  Well, except at dark o'clock but that's because I won't stop running around and putting the bitey on the other kitties and the mom bean too (or is that g'ma bean?).  Anyway she says I have to stay in another room until I learn to settle down.

So you know what I did?  This morning when I woke her up at 5 a.m. with my crying, and she brought me in her room I curled up on her chest and then I.......

farted!  MOL  Now she says my name should be Stinky, not Sheldon.

Oh and another kitty has something to be thankful for today.  The other day, mom bean found a kitty in the back yard.*  Nope she didn't bring him inside.  He had goopy eyes, was furry skinny and had matted furs.  He was sitting in the bird bath getting a drink of water.  She was surprised when he let her come near and even pick him up.

She came back in the house and got the kitty carrier, intending to catch him and call the humane society.  She said it was pretty clear he'd been outside for quite a while.  Well, when she brought him out to the front yard, she left him in the carrier on the sidewalk while she ran in for the phone.  Some neighbourhood kids were riding by and they saw the carrier.  One little girl said, "hey that looks like Sammy".  

She told the mom bean he belonged to one of the neighbours, dropped her bike and ran down the street.  Within minutes the neighbours were at the house and Sammy's mom bean was crying.  She told our mom bean he'd been lost for so long they thought he was dead.  He'd been sick and they thought he'd wandered off to die.

But he didn't and now he's back at home again with his mom and dad bean.  That makes us all furry happy.  We sure hope they don't let him outside again, 'cuz he might just get lost again. 

*Normally I water early or late in the day.  For some reason that day I went out mid-afternoon.  It's hard to say, but I suspect I wouldn't have found Sammy otherwise as I hadn't seen him previously this summer.  Like the kitties, I sure hope his family keeps him safely inside for the rest of his natural life.


  1. Oh, poor Sammy! Whether it was coincidence or fate, I'm glad you went out to water at an atypical time. I'm also glad his humans actually do care about him, sincerely hope they've taken him to the vet and yes, will keep him inside now.

    As for Sheldon...well, that's one way to get the food lady up out of bed in a hurry! :-D

  2. Hahaha, Stinky, I mean Sheldon, you are such a character :-)
    It's wonderful Sammy was reunited with his family. I'm glad you somehow went out to water at different time of the day and found him. I hope he stays safe and healthy xo

  3. That poor poor poor baby. Thank God you found him and the children recognized him.

  4. guyz....what a grate post two day all round N how total lee kewl sammy
    finded his familee again.....we hope two him stayz inn side frum now on;
    we noe sum timez thatz hard ~~~~~~ thanx bee two de codz who waz watchin out for ya dood ~~~ ♥♥♥

  5. We're so glad Sammy is home with his family now. :)

  6. Sheldon você é muito fofo!!!
    Fico muito contente que a história de Sammy teve um final feliz.

  7. A happy accident for Sammy. He doesn't sound like he would've lasted much longer. I like the happy ending - let's hope it remains both happy and an ending, with no more outside roaming for Sammy.

    And with an S-name, he could have become part of the household, just like S-name Sheldon.