Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!  

I am some upset with the mom bean.  Do you know that she hasn't helped us tippy tap for a whole elebenty hunnert days*.  She got home about eighty six naps ago and she still hasn't read us all of our furriend's news.  Mom bean is such a slacker!

I tell you, I wasn't about to tall-or-ate this any longer so I told her to get her flashy box so I could show you what I saw tonight.

C'mon mom bean, focusing on me isn't going to let anyone see it.
It's a young Mr Bunny!  He's on the sidewalk in front of our neighbour's house.

Mom bean says she likes him 'cuz he's eating the weeds.  

I like him 'cuz I think he'd be good to eat, MOL.  What do you think?

Have a great day efurrybody!

*In reality, it's been a week. :)


  1. Don't you worry! MY mommy is busier than a hive of bees and doesn't help me as much either. xoxoxo YES! Lets both eat him up!

  2. Saku, I bet my boys agree with you! Mr. Bunny will certainly make a good snack :-)

  3. At least there is good entertainment provided outside.

  4. BUNNY! :) I love bunnies.. they are so soft and snuggly..

  5. harez round heer like ta eat vegga tayshunz all, bushes, fruits N veggiez....kleer down ta de soil...N meen while...clover iz everee wear............faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~~~~~~~


  6. Humans are so unreliable. We hope she starts doing better. Nice Bun TV you have!