Thursday, June 4, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here.

We wanted to show you some of the furst photos the mom bean took of us when we moved to this place almost five years ago.

Here I am about to jump from the counter to the kitchen island.

Here's Sami holding down the pile of boxes that were waiting to be unpacked.

She did a good job 'cuz it took quite a few days to get efurrything unpacked.

Saku was the furst of us to get up on the kitchen cupboards to explore.

We don't go up there anymore because we've learned all there is on top is dust!

This is our brofur Silas. He was a furry big boy*
and lubbed his fuds.  Then he got furry sick and had to go on a special diet, and after several months he ran for the Bridge.  Mom bean still misses him, but she likes to look at pictures and remember.

Meowser the time sure has gone by quickly!  Hope you enjoyed seeing our furst photos in our home.

*Silas weighed 22 pounds at his heaviest.  He definitely enjoyed his food and whatever was left in everyone else's bowls.  He was sweet boy with a loud purr and lots of love for everyone. 


  1. I enjoyed the first photos in your home! Love the photo of Sami holding down the boxes. Sounds like she really did a good job :-) I'm sorry your brofur Silas had to go to RB. He was such a cute kitty.

  2. guys...silas sendz love...promise...

    dood & sauce ♥♥♥♥♥

    N yur fotoz bee awesum....we canna even say which we like de best they iz all that kinda grate !!

  3. Very interesting pictures. I like the look of Silas. It looks like he flowed outward when he lie down, like my Josie does, though Josie isn't 22 pounds, yet. No matter how long or short a time they stay with us, they are missed forever.