Saturday, April 18, 2015

Let the pawty begin!

The mom bean has left us, abandoned us to the care of the bean brofur, who may or may not get up before noon no matter how long we stand at his bedroom door and call.

She says she'll be back in two weeks, but in the meantime there is no tippy tapping for us.  Seriously, furriends we is going to be so lonesome without you.

Sooo...let the house-trashing party begin!

We'll make sure the new furrniture matches to old stuff.

We'll throw confetti around...even if we has to make it ourselves.

 Sasha will do his best crazypants impression.
We'll make sure we play with efurry toy...

And we won't pick them up so the mom bean can step on them when she gets home.
We'll use efurry box we can find a hidey place.  (And whap anyone who walks by)
 Sami will really, really, really enjoy the nip!
 Saku will jump for joy knowing he won't get squirted by the water bottle for doing something naughty!
Furriends, you is invited to come on over and help us make a mess join the pawty!

We'll be watching for you.

See you soon!


  1. We're teleporting over right now! Trust us, we can help big time with the house-trashing! Nicki will be sure to use any carpet for toilet paper and Derry will be sure to eat too quickly on an empty stomach and projectile vomit over anything carpeted or upholstered.

    This is gonna be FUN!

  2. Whoohoo! We're heading over. Ernie hopes there's lots of toilet paper and paper towels for him to unroll and shred!

  3. What a great opportunity. The mice may play while the cats are away, but if it's good enough for mice, it's good enough for cats when their human's away!

  4. Festa de bagunça!!! Meus amigos vocês podem contar com mais 8 gatinhos bagunceiros.
    Nós somos especialistas em espalhar ração pela casa, virar a tigela de água e escalar cortinas,
    vai ser muito divertido!