Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Hi efurrybody, we're all here today.  We wants to tell you we is thankful for Stinky goodness!!!

We gets it at dinner time efurryday!

We gets kibble in our bowls the rest of the day.

Saku: After a good dinner it's great idea to stretch it out.

I also make sure I got efurrybit!

Sasha:  After a meal I always head to the mom bean's on sweet for a drink of water. *

Sami: munch, munch, chew. I don't want to leave even a crumb in the bowl.

Sami:  Yummm...that was good stuff!!!

Saku: Hey Sami, you left a crumb or two and it's mine!

Hope you all have a great Thankful Thursday with stinky goodness for dinner!
*Yes, there is a fountain right there beside the food bowls, and no Sasha does not drink from it. - Mom 


  1. Mmm, you're making us hungry, but it's a long wait before our food servant comes home to feed us.

    We see you're none the worse for your mom being away for a whole month!

  2. My lot has been enjoying their soft food for a while now. Periodically, one or more simply decides it's not for them and there's nothing to be done about it until he or she decides to like it again. I'm giving them all they want while they want it.

  3. Everyone has their own dinner attitude, don't they? Around here Leo takes a few bites and leaves, Cashmere has to taste every bowl even though they are the same, and Glitter has to pretend to bury a couple bowls when she's done!

  4. happee ton oh trout thurzday guys....looks like dinner was a big hit !! ♥♥♥

  5. Mmmmm....we agree, stinky goodness is the best!

  6. We're in SHOCK that you all eat in harmony!