Saturday, August 9, 2014

After the storm Caturday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

We had a furry bad storm here last night. There was lots of flashy lights (and it wasn't even mom with the flashy box!) and noisy booms.

I'm not furry afraid of the storms but I do like to stay close to the mom bean during it.

Before the storm came my brofurs Sasha and Saku were watching the outside.  As soon as the first boom came, Sasha runned downstairs and hid.

Saku stayed with me and mom bean and the bean brofur to watch the light show.

There were lots of flashes and it rained furry hard!

Mom bean said we losted our innernets and power for almost three hours.  I don't know where she founded them, but I'm glad she did so we can visit our furriends!

Have a great Caturday efurrybody!


  1. Oh gosh, that sounds like a really bad bad storm. Glad all of you are all right and that you found your internets. We don't like storms much ourselves. Hope all of you have a good Saturday.

  2. Wow Sami,
    That sounds like a very bad storm. We are glad that everybody is O.K.
    Glad that you were able to keep the mom bean safe from the loud booms and
    the lights.
    with purrs,
    the kitty brats

  3. ai yi yi! We rarely get thunderboomies, but when we do...we HIDE!

  4. Whoa sounds like it was really bad storm! We had storm yesterday, too, but it was gone quickly.
    It's scary to lose power....glad your mom found it :-)

  5. Sami você é muito corajoso, o Juca tem muito medo de tempestades e fica miando muito.
    Tenham um ótimo domingo, com tempo bom! hehehe

  6. Oh I am glad your Mommy found your Innernets! Ours goes missing once in awhile too, though not as much as it used to. We think AT&T finally figured out how to keep it turned on most of the time.

  7. Only Tungsten in my bunch disregards thunderstorms. The others seek out hiding spots as soon as the first hint of thunder sounds. So they're more like Sasha than you, when it comes to those things.