Monday, May 19, 2014

Mancat Monday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

I is finally back after the mom bean's horrible, no good, furry long abandonment of us.  I's not sure how Sasha got to have the last two days but one thing is fur sure....I'm not sharing the post with anybody today.

Aren't I a handsome mancat?  Can you believe mom bean would leave me for any time at all? The nerve of the silly bean.

Hang on a sec! What's that I see?

It's Mr. Bunny!  Oh, I think he sees me too.
Yep, he definitely sees me.  I wonder if he thinks I'm handsome.

What's that mom?  I had to share the post after all?
Whatever! But next time, it's all about me!


  1. Hi Saku, you are looking furry handsome! How fun you've got bunny TV. I'm sure Mr. Bunny thinks you are handsome, too :-)

  2. Whoa! Bunny TV! We know they're around our unit (our mom saw prints in the snow all winter), but we've never seen one, so we think you're pretty lucky about that.

    As for your mom's abandonment...Where are your presents? Surely she could have found something for you at a duty-free shop, right?

  3. Saku, that was nice of you to share your post with that nice bunny. It is a cute bunny. Hope all of you have a fun day. Oh by the way, you are very handsome.

  4. YAY !!!...nice two see ewe guys bak...yur mom DID go a way for a veree long time;

    41,266 dayz ta bee whats up with that.....


  5. Saku, you are very handsome. Your handsomeness is far greater than the bunny. It's not really sharing the post at all!
    How could your Mum even think of "abandoning" you
    the kitty brats

  6. Tenho certeza que o coelho está admirando sua beleza!

  7. I think Mr. Bunny does not care if you are handsome. He just cares that you are INSIDE and cannot eat him, MOL! XOXOXO