Saturday, April 26, 2014

So long Saturday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here.

By the time this posts, the mom bean will have abandoned us for elbenty four* days.

These were the last photos she took of us yesterday in the sunny room.  She said she wanted to take our pictures with her 'cuz she'll miss us.

We gots one question.  If she's gonna miss us so much, why is she going away?

So long, efurryone, we'll see you again when the mom bean gets back.

*Mom here - I'll be back May 15th, with jet lag it will probably be a couple of days before we get around to see you all.


  1. I hope she packed many of your fur and wish her a safe trip!

  2. MAY 15th??? Why, that's just an OUTRAGE! Who gived her purrmission to do THAT, I ask you? Phffft. I will send some FBI agents to meet her on her return. I think there must be a federal law, don't you think?

  3. That's far worse than my mommy is going to do to me! Let's trash our houses! I love my sitter though.

  4. She's got some nerve! What's up with all these holidaying moms! We MUST come up with a way to fix this!

  5. Hey! Our mom just got back so we are on our way to return the house trashing favor. You did great at our house, so lets get it started, we've got to make up for lost time.

  6. Oh, I am so sorry she has 'bandoned you. Did you give her purrmission to go? Cause I just HATE how these Humans think they can just go gallivanting around whenever they like as it it is nuffing. Phffft.

    You can tell your Mom I read her advice . . . but, no. I don't think so. Cause you know? Tonight the Human DROPPED THE CAMERA right ON me from about two feet overhead! Just another OUTRAGE!