Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tabby Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

I is taking over Tuesday 'cuz that pesky tuxie brofur Saku, gets way too much attenshun.  So today is my day, MOL.

Mom also chases follows me around the house with the flashy box.  But I is less co..coop....I don'ts like the flashy box.

I tries to make sure I keeps my back turned.

Even when I is facing the right way, I turn my head away.

Or I lift my head so my ears are cut off.  Enuf already mom, I's gonna whap you if you takes one more picture!

Tuxies may think they rule, but in this house this little tabby rules, MOL!  Have a great Tabby Tuesday efurrybody!!


  1. well, we DO like to think we rule but tabbies rule too...and so do black panfuls and gingers and Torties. xoxoxo

  2. Hahaha você está dificultando a vida da fotógrafa! Mas nós gostamos de fotos mesmo com as orelhas cortadas, então, o seu plano não está funcionando.

  3. LOL Sami, you do great job not cooperating your mom's photo shoot :-) You sure rule! Happy Tabby Tuesday xoxo

  4. I think you make a cute picture anyway, Sami. I like your expression in the last one.

  5. sami...we agree....cameraz iz for fish ore sum thin....by de way... we iz total lee lovin picture two ...N we hope ta cod ya wuz eatin toona... N knot like burd.... in pick sure one !!

  6. I usually bite the phone if the lady of the house tries to take a picture of me with it. This usually works very well.

  7. Well youre ears may be cut off, but your cute socks are showing!
    : )