Sunday, November 10, 2013

No peace Sunday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here!
Do I look a little nervous to you?

Despite mom telling us the sucky masheen would stay put yesterday, it didn't!  I don't like the sucky masheen but I was trapped on top of the chair until it went far enough away that I could make my get-away.

Anyway, Mom says the reason the masheen came out was 'cuz she was watching a game with 10 ends. Now I ask you, if it was the end why wasn't it over?

In between ends, Mom would get up and run around the house doing stuff until the next end started.  I is confused, I understand how a start can come to an end, but how does an end start?

Worst of all....she didn't finish with the sucky masheen.  I guess there weren't enough ends!

Today she was up at early o'clock to watch more noisy box show with ends.  It was too early for Saku and me, we stayed in bed.  Good thing too, 'cuz Mom says the guys in green are going to be on the noisy box later today.  That means she'll get noisy (even noisier than the sucky masheen!).

What's a mancat gotta do to get some peace and quiet around here?  I thinks I'll hang out with the bean brofur as far away from Mom as I can get.  Wish me luck!

I hopes efurrybody has a peaceful, easy Sunday.


  1. Sasha, you do look a little bit scared. Just a wee bit.

  2. You DO look concerned. I know that masheen too! :-)

  3. Oh no your mom will get noisier than sucky masheen? I hope you get a nice quiet day with your brofur :-)

  4. Você está assustado, nós também não gostamos dessa máquina barulhenta.
    Se tivéssemos dedos polegares poderíamos usar ferramentas para desmontar essa máquina do mal.
    Tenha uma semana sossegada amigo!

  5. Hi kitties! We've got an award for you :-)

  6. Sounds like you have a plan. I get the evil VC twice a week now. TW does the bedrooms and bathroom on Friday and Pop does the living room Saturday. No rest for The Cat.

  7. I don't like the masheen either... Allthough, we have actually two masheens like that, and the other is less noisy and smaller. That is actually a bit interesting, I like to follow that around when the lady of the house uses it.