Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

The mom bean was chasing me around with the flashy box the other day.  She is furry annoying!

First she took my picture in the sunny room.  I stared intently at the floor despite her best efforts pestering.

Then she followed me to the talking box room.  She gived me some 'nip as a gift.  I still wouldn't look at her, MOL
She was all excited when she discovered her camera takes black and white pictures. DUH, I'm black and white and she takes pictures of me all the time!  I still refused to look at her.
About this time I'd had enough of her she-nanigans.  A cat can only put up with so much!  So I put the bitey on her camera strap.

Ha, ha mom...you didn't get any pictures of me looking at you.  Tuxies rule!!!!

Have a great tuxie Tuesday efurrybody!


  1. Hello, saku. Momma used to chase me around with her flashy box too. I'm glad she got busy and stopped. But when she gets busy, i don't get to blog. Meow!

    Glad to be back. =)

  2. Even annoyed, you make a pretty picture, Saku.

  3. Hi Saku, you did great job ignoring the pawparazzi. But looks like she was very persistent, haha :-)
    I do love your second picture very much. You've got cute tongue :-) And I love the black & white pictures....even though you are already black & white!

  4. Tuxies rool and Momma's drool!!!
    Beautiful b&w photos, Saku!
    ; ) Katie

  5. Saku we love these photographs of you, especially the tongue shot. We think your Mum takes lovely pictures

    Gerry & Mungo