Monday, August 5, 2013

Mancat Monday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here!

I am standing by the sunny room door.  I think if I stand here long enough, my bean brofur or mom will take me outside for a little while.

I could be here awhile....

Have a great Mancat Monday, efurrybody!


  1. Sasha sure hope you get to go out soon! A little sun is good but not too much!
    Purrs, Kitty

  2. Sasha, I hope you get to go outside! If it doesn't happen soon, you should look at your human with your big pretty eyes...that should work :-)

  3. Oh Honey, just go play with some toys and try to not wanna go out. I know! Get into your tunnel and transport over HERE with ME!

  4. It's always a drag waiting for the Humans to do something. Honestly, they are sooooo slow and soooooo easily distracted! Sigh. Have a nap, why don't you?

  5. I hope you get what you want! or get a good nap while you wait!

  6. What big eyes you have, Sasha. A very nice picture of you.