Sunday, July 14, 2013

Paybackless Sunday

Hi efurrybuddy, Saku here again.

No, I hasn't figured out yet what to do about the silly bean mom.  But don't worry I'll think of something, MOL.

In the meantime I'll let her know how I really feel.
(Don't even think about trying to pet me mom, I'm still mad at you!)

Of course, I need her to tippy tap for me, so I need to be a little bit nice.  So I didn't bite her, MOL

I want to show you what was on our cat television the other day.  Mom says this is a not the same Mr. Bunny from last winter 'cuz this guy was little.  He looks yummy to me, MOL!

She even wented outside to take his picture and he let her get furry close.  I thinks I would be able to catch him.  If only she'd let me outside on my own, MOL!

Have a great Sunday efurrybody!


  1. Now tippy tap is done, you can bite her :-) Heh heh.
    That bunny is so cute! We have some bunnies here but they never let us come close.
    Wishing you a happy weekend and coming new week!

  2. OMC, you poor kitteh! I just readed what happened to you yesterday. I think your Mommy deserves the bitey, the Back of Disrespect AND perhaps a nice hairball delicately regurgitated into her shoe.

  3. Maybe your mum brought the rabbit in for you to look at, as a way of saying that she's sorry she laughed at you...