Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My turn!

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

Guess what?  Mom was counting backwards today.  (Yeah, she's weird.)  Anyway she figured out today is probably my birthday 'cuz when I came home in August 2001 I was seven or eight weeks old.

So that makes me 12 years old.  Is that old?

Mom says I'm still a kitten at heart so age doesn't matter...it's just a number.

Hey, just like the weighty scale, right mom? MOL

Here's how I'd like to spend my birthday.

Have a great day, efurrybody!


  1. Happy birthday, Sami! Your mom's right, age is just a number. Well, so the humans like to say, at any rate, in reference to themselves!

    We sure hope you get lots of extra treats and cuddles today.

  2. Happy birthday, Sami! You are kitten at heart and you are always a baby for your mom :-)
    I think napping in basket is the purrfect way to spend birthday. Sweet dreams xoxo

  3. Happy birthday, Sami. I have a cat who's thirteen and she isn't close to being old, so I think you're doing fine.

  4. Happy Birthday darling. Many more sweet boy. xoxoxox