Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cranky Caturday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here.

OMC, I have been seriously affronted, asided, and even abacked too!

It happened this morning when I was walking charging into mom's on-sweet (silly name for a cat watering hole if you ask me).

Just as I was about to make my graceful leap onto the counter so mom could get me my morning drink of fresh water, it happened!

The silly bean hip-checked me and I landed with a splash into the large open bowl of water*. The shock of the cold water sent me caused me to slip and slide for just a moment before I spun and fled through the open door.

AND then to add insult to injury, she laughed.  AND laughed AND laughed AND laughed!

She will pay for this!  As soon as I gets my furs dried, I'll think about what my revenge will be, MOL!

Have a dry Caturday efurrbody!

*Mom:  That would be the toilet.  And seriously how could I not laugh?


  1. Mol, Lol...Mum is laughing too she loved the hip-check you mentioned! Miss Kitty say pay back is sweet! Meow...

  2. Sounds like a well-place hairball is needed. Heh-heh! Just let us know if you need any help!

  3. Our human would have laughed herself silly too, sad to say!

  4. OMC!!! You're going to have to start wearing a life jacket if she makes a habit out of that!
    Can't believe she laughed. much as Glogirly is laughing right now.
    ; ) Katie

  5. LOL! Oh what a scary moment... Sorry I laughed, too!

  6. There will come a day when you laugh at what happened, too, Saku. Or maybe not.