Monday, April 1, 2013

Mancat Monday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

It's my day pawsome is that?  

The ofver day the kitties from Katnip Lounge asked about one of my favorite toys.

Great pic must have been drunk tired!  Can you tell what it is?  

I asked mom 'cuz I don't know either, MOL

She says it is the skin for a cellphone.  It use to belong to my ofver mom.  Did you knows I have two moms?

See whens I was a kit-ten I was 'dopted by my ofver mom, thens she brought me to her mom and I got 'dopted again.  So I gets to have two moms.  Woohoo double spoiling, MOL!

I used to steal my ofver mom's phone 'cuz I liked the toy so much.  So she gived up and gave me the toy...just for me.

I specially likes it when mom puts the toy in the box with the crinkly paper.

It makes pawsome noises!

See I is spoiled.  I deserves it 'cuz I's a mancat, MOL.

Have a great Monday effurybody!


  1. Yes you are a mancat...2 moms....Wow! That's a great toy you have there buddy... you handle it quite well! Wishing you a Super Mancat Monday!

  2. Enough mancat for TWO wimmens...we bow before you, Saku. Now that we know what the toy is we are sorta weirded out...doesn't it taste funny?

    1. I thinks its yummy! Mom says I'm that good or bad?

  3. Two moms and a pink toy. Spoildie cat... =)

  4. Saku his toy seems to be a lot of fun.