Saturday, March 30, 2013

At last

Hi effurybody, Sami here.

Boy, has mom been lazy busy this week....we's hardly been here and mom is gonna hafta do lots of reading to us so we can catch up on our fureinds!

Sasha and I's been hanging around together. I lubs my brofur!

He doesn't lub me quite as much.  Sometimes he gibs me the stinkeye, MOL!!

Saku has been busy playing with his toys.  He lubs his pink rubber thingy a lot!

Mom felt so bad about not helping us tippy tap she eben boughted us a new toy!  She says it looks like a duster so maybe we'll help keep the house clean.  No way, mom, MOL!

Hab a great weekend efurrybody!


  1. Sami its good you love your brother, even though he's a bit aloof. Not to worry...when the going gets tough, he'll be right there with you! Wishing you & Family a Blessed Weekend! Purrs...

  2. We love how we can benefit from the guilt that humans feel. :-)

    Happy Easter weekend, everyone!

  3. HEY! What is that pink rubbery thing and do we need one?

  4. Stink eye is better than smacky paws!
    Cool on the new toy, whoo hoo, guilt works!