Saturday, March 9, 2013

Caturday couples

Hi effurybody, it's Sasha here.  We are having a very nice Caturday, the sun is shining, mom let us out in the sun room briefly, and there was stinky goodness for dinner.  Ah...what a life, MOL!

Mom found a flashy box card thingy today and she put it in her puter machine.  Guess what she found?  If you said pictures, you'd be right!

Even better, they were kitty pictures, how pawsome is that?

We used to be six kitties and effuryone is in these pictures.  This first picture is me and my first sisfur Silver.  Silver lubbed me and nobody else.

Silver came to live with me and the beans in December 2000.  Her name was Cupid, which mom said was just wrong.  Mom wanted to call her Moonbeam, but my bean sisfur and brofur thought that was just wrong.

Silver ran to the Bridge in April 2009.  Mom was very sad, and I was too.  The other kitties, not so much.

These are the twins, Silas and Shady.  They comed from my mom's brofur's farm in August 2003.  Sami thought she was their mom, Silver didn't like them at all, and I made sure they knew I was the mancat.

Silas (orange brofur) ran for the bridge in October 2011, and Shady in May 2010.  Mom says she's grateful to get through 2012.

This picture is so funny 'cuz Sami and Saku don't get along.  They is sleeping on the same couch, but for sure not touching.

The only time they touch is when they is smacking each other, MOL.

Pee Ess We was so sorry to hear Princess from Prancer Pie ran to the Bridge this morning.  We knows how hard it is on a mom, and we is purring for efurrybody there.

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  1. Seeing older pictures is always a good thing, bringing back memories. We too were saddened to hear of Princess. We wished her Mum and all well!