Saturday, October 16, 2021

Water as I like it

 Hi efurrybody, Saku here.

Our furriends over at the Cozy Apartment have a new boy, Hector, living with them who likes to play in his water bowl.  Mom bean says I used to do that too, but I've grown up...some.

Now I prefer to get my drinking water from a dripping tap, or will use the fountain.  But efurry once in awhile, mom bean finds me doing this.

We hope it plays for you.  Have a great Caturday efurrybody!


  1. That’s an interesting way to drink, Saku.

  2. That's actually quite polite and neat, Saku. You are a mature fellow who knows his manners, and I'm sure your mum appreciates that. You could teach Hector a thing or two.

  3. Saku, that looks like a fun way to quench your thirst!

  4. That's so cute, Saku. Maybe drinking that way makes the water taste better. :-)

  5. dood !! we did seez de moovee; how kewl iz thiz... !!! ☺☺☺ we gived it 984 PAWZ up { sinz yur paw waz bizee }
    ;) ♥♥

  6. Saku, it is sweet to see. Thank you sweet boy, XXXXXX We like to change things up sometimes, don't we?