Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here. 
I wants to say thank you to efurrybody for your suggestions and purrs.  Your furriendship means so much to me, my fursibs, and the mom bean too. You're truly the best!

I has two pieces of good news. The first is I'm eating fine again.  And the reason why is that the mom bean is letting me eats my fuds away from the fursibs.  So last night I ate my dinner on the chair in the sunny room.  I sure appawciate being away from those pests!  Both nights I ate all my fuds...that's two nights in a row, and when my bean brofur fed me tonight I ate efurrything even though I was in the kitchen with Sami and Saku.  

Now this is the second time I've been fussy about my stinky goodness.  The first time the mom bean figured out I wouldn't eat it unless it was cooled off in the kitchen cold box.  I wonder what I'll pull decide next?

The other good news is about Bruce Almighty.  He was the kitty who was found with his legs wrapped in electrical tape.  He had to have lots and lots of visits to the ebil v e t for operations and medicine. Well, the good news is he is finally ready to go to his furever home after a furry long recovery*.  We are sooooo happy for him, but there are lots of other kitties who still need furever homes so the Regina Humane Society is having a special adoption event this weekend.  We is sending our purrs that Bruce Almighy and lots of kitties find their furever homes in the next few days!

It's a great Thankful Thursday! We has great furriends, mom bean isn't worrying (as much) about me, a special kitty has been saved, and with our purrs I'm sure lots of kitties will find their furever home soon.

*Neither Bruce Almighty or any other kitty will be joining our home. After the recent visit with Stanley, it is pretty apparent Saku will not tolerate another cat in the house.  I'm okay with that.  - Mom bean


  1. We're glad you're eating again and that it was something simple, not a health issue.

    Lots of purrs to Bruce Almighty and to the other kitties waiting for their forever homes; we hope the adopt-a-thon goes well. We suspect that any prospective adopter of Bruce will be scrutinized carefully. Or at least we hope they would be, after what he's been through.

  2. Sometimes a kitty just needs a little privacy, right? Glad you're enjoying meals again.

    Good luck with the adoption event. May everyone find the purr-fect home!

    Critter Alley

  3. I have to feed Renn apart from the others or he becomes distracted - when he bothers with soft-food at all. I'm glad that you are eating again, Sasha.

  4. I'm glad you are eating again! Niko is like that when having dinner. He wants privacy and quiet time.
    I hope Bruce Almighty will find forever home and the event will bring lots of adoptions!

  5. sasha...inn deed a veree thanx full thurzday...YAY for ewe on eatin again, keep up de grate werk, even if ya hafta eat in de bathe room with de door shut while listen ta mewsic frum de 60's....we willna eat R foodz if it iz cool...R's hasta bee room tempore it setz...til it ternz ta brix !!

    N mega way awesum bout bruce...dood...if ya can heer best of fishes two ewe for like all ee tern a tee, a happee gotcha day two ewe N we hope yur life bee filled with happee nezz & health ♥♥♥

  6. Sasha fico contente que você voltou a se alimentar, um gatinho com a barriga cheia é um gatinho feliz e saudável.

  7. Sasha, we're glad to hear your eating better now. Y'know, we eat separately from one another. It seems to work out good for us. And paws up for Bruce! We hope he'll be happy in his furever home.

  8. I'm happy to read your news. Hooray! And what comes to rescue kitties, my assistant Lady with Purple Hair has total soft spot for them. As she can't have them all at her home, once a year she goes to local pet shelter with treats and toys and enjoys her time there.